Welcome to my website. The place where I'd love to do so much but have never been able to give it enough attention. I do have a few other projects and sites, some within ezam.net, some others. Those are linked below for your viewing pleasure.

Our annual family holiday card slash letter slash site. I always thought it would be cool to make ezam.net a year-round site where family and friends could visit, see photos, talk to each other, etc. Well, Facebook has made that too easy, so why re-create the wheel here year round? The holidays deserve their special attention though, so we make a new page each year. Although each year we lower the bar as far as quality goes. Maybe this will be the year we raise the bar?

The Annual Myrtle Beach Cup - the site I put together to plan and organize our annual guys golf trip. Again, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites have made it too easy to post photos and trash talk, so I use those. But still there's something about having our own website for this golf trip that makes it seem more official. This site is probably my best one functionally. My buddies can post scores and keep their handicaps here.

kidzclock.com - this little project is just inches off the ground but when I have time I make tweaks here and there. A few people actually use it, and I've made a few pennies (literally) on the ads. Maybe one day it will be big.

bertucciandbertucci.com - as of late 2014, this is under construction, but will be a simple web presence for a friend of mine who is a defense attorney.

Ace Hardware of Warsaw - I no longer maintain this one, but it's the first site I made, for my dad's store in Warsaw. As of late 2014, it still looks pretty much like the site I made. I think they just update things like store hours and links that break over time.

So that's about it for now. If you want to know more about me, check me out the easy way...